Daily UI


My role

UI / UX Interfaces

Prototyping and animation

Focus on micro-interactions


Since November 2018


The Challenge

Daily UI is a 100 days challenge where you had to produce a user interface related to a theme. You receive each day a mail with the theme, for example, you had to create a login page or an e-commerce page.

How I work

I use Sketch App to create interfaces and Principle to animate them. Then I publish everything on Dribbble and Instagram to share to the design community and get feedback of what I do.

As I started this challenge in November, I am not able to create every day but I am still doing this challenge on my own rhythm.

What I like

This challenge allow me to experiment different visual styles, to pratice and improve my skills. It is also a great way to design without limitation, and explore interactions.


sign up page interface

Daily UI #001 - Sign Up Page

music player interface

Daily UI #009 - Music Player

single page product interface

Daily UI #012 - Single Page Product

social share interface

Daily UI #010 - Social Share

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If you want to see all my Daily UI shots, don't hesitate to check my Dribbble page.

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