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La Boite Noire

Leaflets design for a fictional cinema called La Boite Noire which prints monthly leaflets.


School Project


Graphic Design

Information Hierarchy






October 2017


My task was to create three leaflets for a fictional cinema which is La Boite Noire. This small independent cinema prints monthly leaflets which provide information about the program of the month and about a filmmaker every month, for example, Tarantino in January.

Design Process.

The text

Working with such a large amount of text was not easy and I had to do it several times before I could fit everything into an A4 leaflet. I had to organize all the films so that they would respect a grid and not exceed it.

Original text I had to work with

Create a surprise

I folded the A4 paper in order to create a surprise when you open it. The cover is really minimalist with the name of the month and only one colored element, it is a little part of the illustration inside.

Original text I had to work with


These colored illustrations are about a movie, for example Kill Bill for Tarantino. These illustrations are created in Illustrator and are flat monochrome. I chose the color which represents the best the movie: pastel blue for Miyazaki, or yellow for Tarantino. Inside, I used the same color to highlight the movies of the filmmaker.

Original text I had to work with

The Layout

To create a surprise, my elements had to be well placed on the page. That's why I used a lot of reference points to make the surprise work and make the three leaflets consistent.

Original text I had to work with

Final Outcome.